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> I would develop a progression system
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On the other hand, I could draft a man in the 6th round who's a 57 complete, but has celebrity dev trait, and he progresses to a 85 total over the duration of a year or two and all a sudden he is a big time gem I was blessed to draft. I loathe knowing in the default system that is play Haskins and he'll collect XP and Mut 21 coins advancement exactly the exact same in every single franchise I do. That's so boring. But with a progression mod, on PC, every dynasty is different. Haskins may advance in one franchise to some 92, he may be a 77 in the other and never get better.

You have a vague notion of what potential the players have established off of the dev traits, but nothing is guaranteed and it literally is different every single franchise. And for the men and women who want some effect on a gamers development, you can upgrade their dev traits through the situation engine and they get a chance to have their change for the better. If I was in EA and had control of franchise mode, I would develop a progression system where every player had a potential which was vague and energetic like the mod.

It is not guaranteed, although haskins may have a B possibility which means he has a great chance of becoming an 80s ovr QB. He can never even reach 80, he has a chance to be a 90+, but chances lean towards somewhere in the 80s. However, players may pick a handful and based on their performance from the drills, the players gained extra progression. This allows for variability in each franchise mode, but nevertheless allows for consumers to nevertheless have an impact on their own player development.

Like one example every single player is 80+ general and needs a maximum deal. But even they then introduced sliders to adjust at least some of that stuff so idk what I'm bitching about. It is light years ahead of madden. It is my complaint too with my own league. They've yet to correct the salary cap situation, they give you sliders and items for you to try and figure out it but like you said after you're 5+ years in every team is cap fucked and all teams just stay with what they have because they can't trade or create off season moves.

With that said, it's still a million years ahead of Madden. What I really do is every other year that I go through each team and simply reduce their worst deal to the minimum...which is an pain in the ass but it's all I've got at this point. Last match has been Negative on Steam release, and it's blended. Pretty sure it has deserved rating contemplating what reviews say about this game and buy mut coins madden 21 the way that it can be"casino using just a little bit of basketball inside", I don't doubt is accurate. However, despite this, game has fairly great"franchise" mode.
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