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> Yes the pandemic will end
сообщение 7.9.2020, 9:47
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Another solution could be limiting the amount of logged into accounts from one location. This goes more after problem 4 outlined above. That's the reason it actually can't be considered. Bring layering back. Layering somewhat generated the issue we still have today with many full servers. It created a sense of wow classic gold what this server's people really was. Everything seemed fine because there wasn't a queue so folks kept making characters.

Yes the pandemic will end, but the range of people committed and addicted to WOW Classic will rise as its going on. Lastly, do nothing. I for one am with the host health situations have been used for financial gain aghast. It was happening for years with other variations of WOW Classic. And even though it wasn't necessarily meant to be used for financial gain it seems really bad from the chair I am sitting in. I believe that the opportunities that have come Blizzard's way about recreating a 15 year old game this many people enjoy have been squandered by the pursuit of gains and gross mismanagement.

I understand some people have had a good WOW Classic experience and I don't want to say anything to take away that. It has been a success for Blizzard than anything they've released lately. I just wanted to provide a little back story of the problem that has been beating me up for six months, along with my experience so far. Should you read the thing that I enjoy it.

Wow not a great deal of people are saying it... I suppose I will be the asshole. Incendius was near perfect and all of your server try-hards came. We had a closer and nearer equilibrium we turned becoming dominant and as time moved on and then what happened? Horde are becoming griefed left and right and alliance start flying to the host by the boat load. Because of how scummy you transfers decided to be on the server, literal against ToS efforts who have guild leaders are conducted.

Now you walk about calling it"our server" like some white knight that cares. You don't care. You recruit and recruit and recruit WOW players like a Walmart guild to make Incendius into your party so that you can have some server control. Matters were great up till you decided to kill 2 servers. Take your $2500 and go spend some more. How about be a leader and help mend off a server instead of piss and destroy another? A"humble" article on Reddit shouldn't do you any good. You're not a martyr, you are a douche.

What's amusing is their war did not even do anything they meant it to be for cheap classic gold wow. They basically nutted on WOW Classicr dad's of the host that the week that they world. Transfers come out and roughly 500 of those gamer daddy's are sick of queues and being camped so that they transfer which snowballs, the horde guilds start leaving one by one and the writing is on the wall. My guild dipped because why play with a faction that was dead. I chose incendius day to get queues and lag. And not to neckbeard.
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